Experience days with expert – Ali Gray

grumpyHi there, I’m Alasdair Gray, the UK’s leading authority on experience day gifts. I’ve taken over this site from another Alasdair Gray – the famous Scottish writer and artist, writer of the classic Lanark and painter of the inspirational murals around his hometown of Glasgow.

zooI’m experience Alasdair

I’m not the writer. I do write, but I’m not the famous one. You can find him at alasdairgray.info and in the meantime, you can buy his books here: shop now for Alasdair Gray books. For anyone who is still here, and who I’m the right Alasdair, I’m planning to talk about experience day gifts, experience days, gifts and everything in between. I might talk about Scotland for a bit, but only in the context of gift vouchers based in the country. To be honest, most of the stuff available in Scotland is around Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

So why experience days?

Experiences are awesome.  You know, things like Red Letter Days and Buyagift. They let you do things, that you wouldn’t normally do: driving a segway experiences, feeding big cats, drive a monster truck and so on. Here’s a picture of a tiger. Did you know that you can feed a tiger in the UK? Yep, you certainly can.feedtiger

Experiences as gifts

So obviously these are mainly present ideas. People don’t really buy experiences for themselves, because you can just do activities yourself. It’s mainly a gift to buy for someone when you don’t know what else to get them. they like feeding penguins? buy them a feeding a penguin gift. Anyway. . . At the moment this page is just temporary, while I add all the stuff about individual experiences and gifts. So I’ll see you later.