Segway experiences

Oh yeah, we love them segway rides don’t we?

With two wheels and and handlebars and stuff.

You can rally on a segway in loads of places around the UK. Places like Yorkshire, London, Hertfordshire and up in Scotland – probably Edinburgh or something.

Friends racing segways

This is a segway

Is a segway experience ride for me?

You bet it is brother. Can you imagine riding and balancing over a woodland course, or zooming after all your mates, chasing them on your crazy 2-wheeled scooter?

It’s one of the cheapest and most fun experience days, and that’s why I, (Alasdair Gray) think that it’s the best experience gift you can buy in the UK today.

Review of segway experience

I arrived with my packed lunch. it contained a sandwich made with two slices of bread and slices of beef in between. I also had a boiled egg, some peanuts and a flask of weak lemon drink. There was plenty of time to consume my picnic before the segway experience began, and within minutes I was riding the kart, balancing on my legs and chasing a rabbit along the course.

I nearly fell off twice, but the power of my weak lemon drink coupled with my superior driving skills made this one of the best days out I’ve ever had.

Dave Binns, leader of the segway organisation was some impressed with my driving of the segway, that he gave me a trophy, embellished with a picture of my smiling face and the futuristic vehicle.

All in all, i would give this experience five stars, and a thumbs up, especially for my picnic.

How to buy the cheapest segway gift

You will need money to buy a segway gift, probably UK pounds. You can exchange this money for goods and services, and in this case, you hand over the notes and are given time on the course. You will have to share the course with other segway drivers, but why not? Are you greedy?!

Author: Alasdair

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