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I selected this family segway experience for you because it’s so much fun. It makes riding this science-fiction machine into a whole family fun day out. And at a fantastic price too.

You wouldn’t believe how popular Segway riding is nowadays.

Because these fabulous little machines are so much fun, Segway experiences have shot up all around the country. So there’s bound to be one near you.

To help you sort them all out, we’ve scoured the field and brought together all the current Segway special offers for you. Prices are up to the minute, so if you can find one to suit you from this list, then you’re getting the best bargain around.

Here are all today’s special offers on Segway experiences:

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If you can’t find an offer to suit you, then it’s usually better value to go as a twosome – with your mate, OH or whoever.
We’ve brought together all the pairs experiences, and again with up to the minute prices.
Here are all the Segway days for two:

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And just in case you’re still not satisfied and you’ve got nothing to do for the next three days, here is the complete list of Segway experiences in the UK (Warning: There are a LOT of them, which is why we did you the best ones up above!!)

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So what is a Segway?

Just in case you’ve been off visiting Mars for the last ten years, a Segway is an amazing electric-powered two-wheeled scooter. Except the wheels are side by side, you stand on it instead of sitting, and you steer by leaning the way you want to go. You can’t ride one on the roads in this country – though you can in some US states and in some European countries such as Norway where they notably had their first case of Drunk in Charge of a Segway earlier this year!

You can get up to quite a speed on one of these bad boys, and they can cover all kinds of terrain, so woodland paths are as accessible as paved roads.
You’ll be off with a bunch of other people, so Segwaying is quite a social event.
And if you think back, you’ll almost certainly have seen one on TV some time – accompanying the runners in the World Athletic Championships this year perhaps, or on a number of US TV series.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to balance a Segway – it keeps itself upright – and it’s so easy to pick up you’ll be blasting away in no time.

What kinds of experiences are there?

Well in a way, you get what you pay for.
The cheapest experiences – sometimes called tasters – give you half an hour on the machine. Which is fine if you’re on a budget, but we think you’ll find yourself wanting more.
Dearer ones give you longer on your Segway – and really if you look at the prices, even the longer ones are pretty cheap, so we’d recommend avoiding the very cheap ones.
And some experience days even combine Segwaying with archery, supercars and other exciting things. So with these it’s a matter of whatever floats your boat.
But whatever type you choose, you’ll have a brilliant time.
Go on your own and make new friends. Go with a mate, your OH or your football team. Go with people from work for a team-building day out.
Or give a Segway experience as a fantastic gift to practically anyone for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or anything else you can think of.

Author: Alasdair

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